Nursing Home Abuse Law Passed in Vermont

A new law in Vermont will help hold nursing home owners and operators responsible for cases of neglect or abuse that occur at their facilities.

Governor Peter Shumlin recently signed the new law into existence that will create an avenue for individuals who have been abused or neglected while living in a nursing home to pursue a civil lawsuit against the facilities’ owners.

"This bill will hold nursing homes, owners and operators accountable for allowing patterns of abuse and neglect to exist in their facilities," he said, according to WCAX.

State Assistant Attorney General Linda Purdy added that the new nursing home abuse law will act as a “civil enforcement tool” that will make it easier for families who are affected by elderly or nursing home abuse to take effective legal action against those who are at fault.

The newly enacted law will hopefully lead to nursing homes taking more steps to prevent situations like the one experienced by Glori Law and Susan Petri. Only 10 days after entering a nursing home, their father was brutally attacked by a mentally unstable patient. Their father died because of injuries sustained during the attack, a medical examiner eventually determined.

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