Nursing Home Facility Cited for Negligent Care

A Minnesota facility for the elderly has been cited with nursing home neglect after a resident with psychiatric issues who is under its care was able to leave the nursing home without being noticed by any employees.

The Berkshire Residence, which is located in the town of Osseo, was the target of the citation from the Minnesota Department of Public Health. According to Minneapolis/St. Paul ABC affiliate KSTP-TV, a resident of the nursing home who suffers from dementia and severe cognitive impairment and is not allowed to be left unattended when outside left the facility in September.

While alarms sounded in the facility, KSTP reported that none of the nursing home staff responded to it because they were busy with other duties. It was not until the resident had been gone for 15 minutes that a volunteer noticed and the workers at the facility began looking for her. She was eventually located in a nearby residential neighborhood.

The incident led to the nursing home being investigated for “not providing adequate supervision” to the resident.

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