Nursing Home Negligence Discovered at Two CT Facilities

Two Connecticut nursing home facilities have been fined by state regulators after inspections turned up separate incidents in which nursing home negligence occurred, leading to one death.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) recently levied fines against the Torrington Health and Rehabilitation Center after inspections revealed an incident in which nursing home neglect led to a resident’s death. Workers at the facility were ordered to keep a strict watch over an elderly patient suffering from pulmonary disease and mental issues during meals to make sure the resident took small bites and chewed slowly during meals, which were supposed to be cut into small pieces.

Despite these orders, workers left the resident alone with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during a meal. The patient was later “found unresponsive” and eventually passed away. An ambulance reported that the resident’s airway had been completely blocked by peanut butter from the sandwich.

Torrington Health was fined $510 for the incident.

The Hartford Courant also reported on a similar incident that occurred at Ludlow Center for Health & Rehabilitation, another Connecticut nursing home, last September. A patient who entered the facility weighing 151 lbs. and was specifically noted to require “extensive assistance” during meals did not receive the attention required. As a result, the patient lost 43 lbs in 46 days and eventually required hospitalization for dehydration, sepsis, and respiratory distress.

Ludlow was fined $580 by the DPH.

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