Nursing Homes Fined Over Patient Deaths

Three nursing homes in California have been issued fines by the California Department of Public Health for providing poor care that led to patient deaths.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Fountain View Subacute and Nursing Center, the Motion Picture and Television Hospital and the Downe Care Center were all charged thousands of dollars in fines for providing insufficient care.

The Fountain View must pay $75,000 because of a patient who died in 2010 from a brain injury after he fell out of his bed. When he was found on the floor no one knew how long he had been there. The department charged the center for poorly supervising the patient who had a history of falls. The Motion Picture was issued an $80,000 fine for a 2010 incident when a 90-year-old Alzheimer’s patient in a wheel chair died a week after falling down a flight of stairs that she previously fallen down.

The Downey Center was fined $80,000 for an incident that occurred in 2010 as well when they did not monitor a patient’s blood glucose level. She later died from a diabetic coma.

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