Pfizer Removes Health Claims From Centrum Vitamins

Pfizer has agreed to remove certain health claims from the labels of its popular Centrum multivitamins, submitting to pressure from a consumer watchdog group that called the claims “deceptive”.

Although it disagreed with the complaints of the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the company agreed to drop the “breast health” and “colon health” claims from its supplements’ labels and to remove them from advertising and websites, according to Reuters.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been criticized for not taking enough action against companies with inaccurate claims on dietary supplements, which has led CSPI and other watchdog groups to take the reins on policing the claims.

"Those claims of breast and colon health implied that the supplements would prevent breast and colon cancer - disease prevention claims that supplement manufacturers can't legally make," the watchdog group said in a release.

The group threatened to sue Pfizer if it did not remove what they called deceptive claims on the company’s product labels.

In addition to the breast and colon health claims, products that claimed “heart health” will be modified to note that they are not replacements for cholesterol-lowering drugs, also known as statins, and products promoting “energy” will have language that clarifies they do not directly provide an energy boost, according to Reuters.

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