Pfizer Sued Over Discrimination by Ex-Employee

A former employee of Pfizer Inc. filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming she was fired after she informed the company that she was pregnant.

Soon after Anne Marie Hand learned she was going to receive a merit increase, she informed her manager that she was pregnant, according to the complaint. Hand says her supervisor was “noticeably unhappy” and made comments about how it was “bad timing” based on other problems happening in the company, according to Law360 (subscription required).

The discrimination lawsuit alleges that Hand faced a work atmosphere that was hostile and was soon terminated over “fraudulent expense charges,” which she alleges was just an excuse to fire her.

“Prior to her pregnancy, plaintiff was never issued any verbal or written warnings for any reason,” said the complaint.

Hand further claims that the stress from being fired while eight-and-a-half months pregnant caused her to experience high blood pressure, muscle spasms, and contractions, and she had to be treated at the hospital.

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