Pinnacle Sued Over Trans Fat in Frozen Meals

Pinnacle Foods has been slapped with a class-action consumer fraud lawsuit by a Kentucky man that claims the company failed to tell consumers the amount of trans fat contained in its frozen dinners.

Plaintiff Joshua Haug alleges that the company’s Hungry Man dinners were disobeying a 2006 rule by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that required food makers to disclose the trans fat content of most packaged foods, according to Law360 (subscription required). He further claims that although the food product lists hydrogenated oil in the nutrition facts, it says nothing about trans fats, which is linked to heart disease and other health issues.

The consumer fraud lawsuit states, “As a result of these misleading, unfair and deceptive practices, defendant has made millions (if not billions) of dollars at the expense of the health of American consumers,” according to Law360.

The complaint further says that the violations of the FDA regulations amounted to breach of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act and the Kentucky Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, according to Law360.

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