Radiation Exposure during Pregnancy May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer in Newborns

New study is first of its kind to find an environmental cause for testicular cancer

Women who are exposed to radiation during pregnancy may be at an increase the risk of giving birth to a child who develops testicular cancer if it is male, a new study suggests.

According to Equal Voice News, researchers at the University of Texas MD Cancer Center gave modest doses of radiation to female mice in their middle stages of pregnancy. One-hundred percent of the male offspring they gave birth to developed testicular cancer. Of the mice that were not exposed to radiation, only 45 percent developed testicular cancer.

The study was published in PLoS One and is the first of its kind to find an environmental cause for testicular cancer, which is the most common cancer in young Caucasian men. In the past 50 years the occurrence of testicular cancer has tripled throughout the world with 8,500 new cases diagnosed each year, according to the American Cancer Society.

Although this study suggests the radiation should be looked at as a factor for the reason testicular cancer has increased, researchers concluded that further research still needs to be done.

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