Trampoline Park Sued Over Safety Issues

A Washington State mother has filed a product liability lawsuit against the owners of a trampoline park alleging they are responsible for the injuries her son suffered at their facility.

Christina Flygare claims that her son’s visit to Sky High Sports Seattle led him to experience devastating spinal cord injuries. She and her son are one of 18 families that all allege Sky High’s “trampoline fun centers” are inherently dangerous in the way they are designed, maintained and supervised, according to CNN.

A number of public health agencies have issued advisories on “backyard trampolines” in homes but have not yet clarified a stance on trampoline facilities, which are self-regulated.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says there were 92,159 hospital emergency room-treated injuries linked with trampolines in 2010, according to CNN.

Tracy Zimmerman, a spokesperson from the trampoline park, said in an email that Sky High takes floor supervision very seriously and requires potential employees to go through a stringent training and screening process.

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