UK Girl With Erb's Palsy Prevents House Fire

A UK girl with Erb’s palsy likely saved her mother and sister from a potentially deadly fire, despite her handicap that restricts her movement.

Five-year-old Tiannah Chappell cannot move her left arm because of her cerebral palsy, sometimes making it difficult to move and operate things on her own. However, one night after waking up to the fire alarm in her Leigh Park home one night, she quickly took action to warn her family.

Tiannah managed to open a locked stairgate and attempted to wake up her mother, but could not easily wake her up because of medication she was taking to treat Crohn’s disease. Thinking quickly, Tiannah found her two-year-old sister – who was also in her mom’s room – woke her up, and kept her calm while she continued to try and wake her mother.

“She came into me and managed to open the gate, bless her. I don’t know she has done it. She came in and called me. I said no, no,” the mother, Tara – who is also pregnant – told The Portsmouth News. “I sleep by the bedroom window and I thought the beeping was coming from outside.”

After finally being woken up, the family went downstairs and found that a towel next to a kettle had set part of the kitchen on fire. Tara called her parents, who live nearby and have fire training, who raced over and put out the blaze before it spread.

“I’m so proud of her. She’s my little hero. If it wasn’t for her, we might not be here,” Tara said.

It’s always good to see children who have suffered birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy overcome their disability. We applaud Tiannah and her courageous behavior.

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