United Cerebral Palsy Association Founder Dies

Sad news from the United Cerebral Palsy Association, as 96-year-old founder Nina Eaton has passed away.

Eaton found her calling in helping those who had been born with cerebral palsy after her son, Leonard, was born with the birth injury in 1941. With few organizations or services available for families with a cerebral palsy child, Eaton took action and founded the Cerebral Palsy Association of New York State in 1946. By 1949 the organization was known by the name it still goes by today.

For decades Eaton spoke to the public about cerebral palsy so the condition in order to raise awareness. She also took part in a number of lobbying efforts that made great strides in the regional and nation expansion services for people with disabilities.

“Nina Eaton was a remarkable individual who really made a world of difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities,” said Stephen H. Friedman, UCP Suffolk president and CEO, according to the Five Towns Patch. “More than half a century later, UCP is an international network of nearly 100 affiliates serving more than 176,000 people with disabilities and their families on an annual basis. Truly a testament to Nina’s legacy, proving one person can make a difference.”

We at Sokolove Law want to thank Nina Eaton for her decades of service to those who were born with cerebral palsy. Her work has made it much easier for families to get the help they deserve so their disable child can get the proper care and help they deserve.

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