Zometa Lawsuit Leads to $225K Award

A Missouri jury awarded $225,000 to a woman in a dangerous drug lawsuit alleging the bone drug Zometa - manufactured by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. - caused her mother to develop a debilitating jaw disease called osteonecrosis.

Christine Winter accuses Novartis of being negligent by failing to warn doctors about the drug’s dangers, according to Law360 (subscription required). She originally asked for $7.5 million in punitive damages, but her request was turned down by the jury.

This verdict is the third in the nation that claims that Novartis’ bone drugs Zometa and Aredia cause osteonecrosis, which leads to the deterioration of the jaw bone. There are 800 similar dangerous drug lawsuits that are pending over the drugs.

Merck & Company is involved in similar litigation over Fosamax, which has also been linked to the death of the jaw bone as well as spontaneous bone fractures.

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