Vancomycin May Increase Asthma Risk

A new Canadian study found that a widely used antibiotic can increase the severity and risk of asthma, which may help explain why there are more than 100 million people worldwide who have the disease.

According to Postmedia News, researchers from the University of British Columbia found that mice treated with the antibiotic vancomycin were more susceptible to asthma and ended up with a “strikingly reduced” number of t-reg cells, which are important components in the immune system.

The research shows that when the antibiotic is used in the early years of life it alters the bacterial community in the body, which may increase, the severity and incidences of “allergic” asthma, which is a form triggered by mites, pollen and molds, among other things.

Brett Finlay, co-author of the study and microbiologists at the University of British Columbia, said that it is not proven in humans yet but his group is looking to conduct a national study with 5,000 children as further evidence.

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