Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled for $6 Million

The family of an Illinois woman won a $6 million dollar settlement in wrongful death lawsuit that claimed the woman was killed when a train crashed into her car at a crossing that did not have functioning warning signals.

According to the Chicago Tribune, on April 16, 2010, 26-year-old Katie Ann Lunn was driving over train tracks when she was hit by an Amtrak train traveling 79 mph. An investigation by the Federal Railroad Administration revealed that maintenance workers mistakenly deactivated the warning signals before the accident.

Katie’s father, Jerry Lunn, filed the wrongful death lawsuit against Wisconsin Central Ltd. and Illinois Central Railroad Co. in July 2010.

A spokesperson from the railroad said that Illinois Central Railroad took responsibility for “improper operation of the Stuenkel Road crossing gates… which resulted in Ms. Lunn’s death.”

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