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Pretty and stylish, it has all of the advantages.  In addition of having a very nice old school silhouette relooked with punchy colours, it styls comfortable in all circumstances thanks to its sportswear sole.  That's stepping into spring on the right foot!

In browsing through the inventory of armies around the world to stock their store, "Surplus Bensimon," the two brothers Bensimon discovered a huge stock of white trainers: they then had the brilliant idea to dye them in a multitude of colours. Bensimon arrived in France in the 1980s, and found phenomenal success when they launched their products. Rainbow colours, a super comfortable and custom trainer which has a timeless design and chameleon like quality that allows everyone to wear it with any style. Today, the Bensimon trainer has truly become a "must have" and their collections have expanded to clothing, bags and accessories in basic colours (black has no place), bright and fashion neutral but with a genuine spirit.

It was through numerous travels that Feiyue found it's inspiration. Since 2006, the French brand Feiyue has been developing and exploring new territories, while remaining in harmony with it's values. Without losing any of it's vintage and authentic charm, these little lightweight canvas shoes, originally from Shanghai, have gone through a series of transformations. Slowly but surely, it's style has evolved, combining different French and international influences. Today, the brand is ready to take over new markets. A lot of work was carried out on the quality standards: entirely updated shapes and carefully chosen materials have come together to obtain a shoe that combines style and durability. With these changes, the first collection was launched in France in February 2006. Since then, Feiyue has undergone many changes and has remained in constant evolution. The brand's Chinese name, Feiyue, signifies "Flying Forward" .... New arrivals come out every day in new colours and new materials. Passionate about urban art, music, and travelling, the team follows it's heart and expands the Feiyue collection intuitively, without using a trend book or studying the latest fashions. Memories, images, impressions, and ambiances taken from experience build and enrich the brand's style. This philosophy about the world and the desire to find new shapes inspires each of their new collections.

Launched in Denmark in 1960, Kawasaki first designed trainers for badminton players, before becoming one of the world's trendiest shoe brands. Thanks to their unique look and high-performance designs, the brand's models have become a hit among athletes and fans of sportswear style. Closing following the eco-responsible movement of the last few years, Kawasaki designs their models in natural rubber, leather, and cotton while using an eco-friendly manufacturing process (vulcanisation), avoiding the use of glues and solvents that are harmful for the environment.

After watching his cocker move with ease on the ice, Paul Sperry decided to create a shoe sole with a finely chiselled sole, like the pads on a dogs paws.  This was the starting point in the adventure for Sperry Top-Sider. Since 1935 , a passion for the sea still guides the brand in the development of its collections, making models  that can mingle as casual shoes and that are more refined, to attract an ever wider array of clients.

Legend among the legends of denim, Levi's has been created in the United States in 1853 thanks to the imagination of Levi Strass, a German immigrant.  His main product: jeans!  According to the legend, in 1873, Levi Strass makes the promotion of his revolutionary trousers and of their extreme resistance by attaching a pair to two horses.  Today, Levis has turned to other ready-to-wear products, accessories, bags, and leatherworking that follow the denim trend that has made the brand so well-known.  The Levis shoe and bag have come to us and charm more and more fans.  Levis has launched their new collection of trainers. A determined look, denim details and a modern design : you can have the best of fashion with Levis!

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