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Whether you're a real fixer-upper or not, one of the main trends for this season in masculine wardrobes has been inspired from security shoes. This style is called workwear style which adapts workwear to daily life. An example of this would be a raw denim jean worn as a work uniform, a checkered lumberjack-style shirt and big work boots.

At the beginning, a surprising alliance: that of Doctor Klaus Maertens, with his garage of innovations, and that of the Griggs family, an industrial family from Northampton. Together, they created a shoe that was comfortable, practical, durable, and with a classic design, made on the first air-cushioned sole. These work shoes were called 1460 as a reminder of the date the shoes were first manufactured, the 1st of April, 1960, became a real revolution. Without any effort, the brand Dr.Martens watched in awe as their products became a hit in the Anglo-Saxon subculture. Year after year, Dr.Martens would become a rallying cry, a method of expression and soon became iconic in numerous music scenes. Fashion, always fascinated by authenticity, also adopted the phenomenon. Now, more than 50 years later, the brand has never been more vibrant and modern.

No need to work in the construction industry to have your very own Caterpillars! Now available to the public, the brand which got its start in industry has come out with a new line of functional and sturdy products that are built for the city.

In 1973 in the state of New Hampshire in the United States, the Swartz family (the founders and owners of the brand) innovated and created a new model designed according to a completely unique technique: the soles are welded to the upper instead of being stitched. Thus, the yellow boot was born! These original shoes had to wait until 1979 for an Italian buyer by the name of Giuseppe Veronisi to introduce them to the European market by making them available in the most selective boutiques of Rome and Milan.  They were an instant success. A legend in the casual and outdoor markets, the brand has always continued to innovate and has recently launched their Earthkeepers line which is the first shoe made from 80% recycled materials but without sacrificing quality and authenticity.

For trainer addicts who collect jeans, there's always Diesel! What’s better than a denim legend to complete our wardrobes? In 2009, Diesel launched a collection of shoes absolutely modern which combines old school trendiness and sleek urban lines. In 2009 Diesel launched a collection that combines modern and old school trends town line. Famous for its creative campaigns and controversy, Diesel doesn't follow traditional patterns, but thinks up their own fashions and offers its customers clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that are daring and original.

Since their creation in 1972 near the Lac de Garde in Italy, Airstep has combined tradition and innovation. Quality materials and modern technology come together in the manufacturing process of their models for an unparalleled quality and design. Deeply rooted in the legend of Italian shoe making, AirStep creates audacious and creative models each season - perfect for fashionable urbanites as well as those looking for a stylish, sleek shoe.

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