IT Solution Providers Can Charge Higher Hourly Rates by Following Plan Offered by SP Home Run Inc.

Small Business Computer Consulting Training Company Offers Tips on Selling IT Solutions for Much Higher Hourly Rates

Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients
Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients
  • Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients
    Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients
    Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients
    Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients

LAKE WORTH, FL - When selling IT services to small business clients, establishing a value proposition is the key to IT solution providers being able to charge higher computer service contract rates. Many IT entrepreneurs have a tough time establishing their value proposition, and therefore find it difficult to increase revenue by charging more per hour.

SP Home Run Inc. has distilled the process down to eight specific steps and made it easier for small IT solution providers to improve their marketing and IT sales process, so they can charge much higher, premium hourly rates:
  1. Make Sure that Marketing Campaigns are Relevant - Specific and appropriate marketing will go a long way toward establishing why small business clients should pay higher consulting rates. Owners of IT solution providers need to craft their marketing plans to stand out from the competition and provide topically-relevant headlines, offers, and calls to action (CTAs).
  2. Explain the Value Proposition - Clearly and effectively articulate what the IT solution provider can bring to the table and why this value proposition is superior to the competition.
  3. Get There Earlier in the Sales Cycle - Before there's even a need, plant credibility seeds and train potential small business clients to know exactly whom to call. The goal: When potential clients have an IT need, they will automatically think of one very specific IT consultant business first. Producing white papers, speaking to trade groups, and networking with small business owners and managers are just a few of the ways to accomplish this.
  4. Stay in Front of the Right Influencers at the Right Time - Local and regional B2B expos are a great way to do this. Also, establish partnerships with other trusted business advisors in the community.
  5. Qualify Leads as if the Company's Survival Depends on It - Size does matter...a lot. So find out how many employees, workstations, servers, and locations prospective clients have. Home-based businesses are usually not going to bring enough service revenue to have a meaningful impact on an IT solution provider.
  6. Focus on Selling IT Solutions as Initial Proving Ground Projects - A small initial project will get a foot in the door and, if done well, will lead to additional business and a long-term relationship.
  7. Don't Give Away the Store - IT solution providers need to believe their companies' services are worth the higher hourly rates before they can convey that confidence to potential clients. It can be very difficult to increases rates substantially later on if most of the client base is contracted at rock-bottom prices.
  8. Watch the Profit and Loss Statement - A business owner needs to know what their expenses are and what they would like their profit margin to be. Owners of IT solution providers also need to track their utilization rates and number of billable hours that are generated each week.
"IT solution providers need to market and sell their computer service agreements more effectively and profitably," said Joshua Feinberg, Business Development Director of SP Home Run Inc. "One great way to do that is to capture stories and firsthand accounts from satisfied clients in the form of reviews, testimonials, and case studies. It is imperative to articulate the value proposition to prospective clients. Other things being equal, third-party social proof helps close managed computer services sales at higher hourly rates and stronger profit margins, essentially eliminating the need for price competition."
IT business owners and managers can learn more about maximizing their service revenue by downloading a free special report on Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients, which be found at
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