Available for Download April 24, 2012

(Santa Monica, CA- April 20, 2012)  – Silicon Beach startup Curbsy, Inc. announces the launch of West LA Takeaway a photo-driven, interactive, and convenient food ordering app for the iPhoneâ available for download on the App Store on April 24.  West LA Takeaway enables consumers on the West side of Los Angeles to order with ease from their favorite area restaurants, view images of each dish, browse user reviews and experience a unique and convenient ordering system for takeout or delivery.

“Food is a sensorial and social experience, and we took this into careful consideration when developing our product,” says Justin Kahn, CEO of West LA Takeaway. “People are used to the idea of peering at their neighbor’s table in a restaurant to get an idea of what they want to order.  We believe that we should have the same experience in the palm of their hand.”

Kahn, a resident of west Los Angeles, co-founded WireImage.com, and has a strong understanding of the importance and power of the image.  Kahn decided to ‘beta’ launch the app in his backyard due to the tech boom and the large concentrations of consumers, restaurants and tastemakers in the area. He has plans to expand the app globally to offer a digital solution for diners in targeted neighborhoods around the world.

West LA Takeaway app also offers the “menubytes” feature, a unique user interface which allows the diner to configure a dish exactly how they like it, save it and share with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  App users can also browse through other diner’s favorites while searching through the visual menu options and even name the dish after themselves for other users to see within the app.

“Through “menubytes,” we are able to turn every restaurant into a celebrity deli and every diner into a celebrity,” says Kahn.

West LA Takeaway app offers a distinct visual experience while giving consumers the opportunity to:

  • Browse through the restaurant’s menu through photos and descriptions
  • Customize their favorite dishes and save for future orders
  • Share menu favorites with other users through “menubytes” and social media channels
  • Re-create the experience of the take out drawer in their mobile device
  • Pay for their order using secure credit card information within the app
  • Receive push notifications on the status of their order

West LA Takeaway provides participating restaurants a FREE solution for increasing revenue through take out and delivery. By utilizing today’s technology, diners are drawn in digitally and hooked by the experience and restaurants have the ability to save the customer data and information while also building new customers.