Tea is require for living

Tea is require for living

The paper side gusset bags are the newly developed invention in the field of packaging.  Previously, the bags made were very weak, in tolerable, not handy or light in weight.  But this bag has all those qualities that are required in a perfect packaging bag.  The strength of such bags can be calculated only by seeing its inner fine lining or coating of foil.  This coating actually makes it very strong as well as makes it an idealized bag for the packaging of the coffee and tea which can handle them with care and maintain their taste as well as the freshness. 


The quality of this bag has been raised to a very different level as compare to the other ordinary or the previously used bags.  Looking at it, the impressive looks and unbeatable qualities impressed lots of the people around the globe and people started carrying out various experiments on it.  But these experiments gave many fruitful results as well, and these days the paper side gusset bags are modified in several forms and are commercially available through out the market. 


The bags made up of plastic, polypropylene and many other polymers also used for the same and even more but out of all paper side gusset bags are mainly used.  The popularity of such bags is increasing day by day and so its usage.  Previously such bags were used only for tea or coffee packaging, but now its being used almost everywhere.  If the item requires high care in since of its freshness and quality then gusset bags are used.  Either it is rice, grains, pulses or any other nutritive item their packaging is under the control of such bags only.


But, the most widely tea is being used to pack using the paper side gusset bags.  It is being used from the very earlier time and is still used for the same.  Mainly the tea packaging needs that the tea should remain fresh inside the strong and resistant bag.  Also it should not come in contact with the outside air, and all this is possible only by using such bags.  The inner lining of the foil also gives it resistance and the material of the bag does not even react with the tea, or spoil it.  In other words, it makes it inert and perfectly viable for the tea packaging purpose.  The other uses are also there, but the major and the most widely used one is the tea which cannot be ignored.


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