NBC Universal's Telemundo and Starcom MediaVest Group Unveiled Break-Through Discovery Research of 12 Separate and Fully Realized U.S. Latino Identities

NEW YORK -The complexity and inherent cultural diversity of U.S. Hispanics broadens the definition of what it is to be a Latino. No longer can Hispanics be defined according to their similarities without a thorough understanding of their differences beyond language, country of origin and level of acculturation. NBC Universal, Telemundo and Starcom MediaVest Group have deciphered the true characteristics and overall complexion of U.S. Hispanics from Beyond DemographicsTM-a Latino Identity study that began a year ago.

"Beyond Demographics Latino Identity brings us a giant leap closer to understanding the US Hispanic people-beyond traditional targeting definitions. It illuminates an intimate, contemporary understanding of this community, and its sub-communities, reflective of the rich heritage and the experiences that define them, and the beliefs and hopes that motivate them," said Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group. "The study's human-led approach and methodology is both a magnifying and looking glass into how Latinos sensed and responded within their community, and between themselves and with non-Hispanics. The results are truly fascinating."

"Telemundo is a pioneer in scripted original programming for U.S. Hispanics," said Don Browne, President, Telemundo Communications Group. "During these times of profound change, it is important to stay connected with our audiences. Research is critical to our business; it is the lifeblood that keeps us relevant and allows us to create original content that informs, empowers, inspires and entertains."

The findings show that the 12 Latino Identities are not homogeneous, socially stagnant or culturally complacent for there is a `fluidity' in language preference, assimilation grade, economic status, political affiliations, cultural retention, religious beliefs, spiritual practices, artistic endeavors, urban versus rural biases, career and ambition levels, among others.

However, these personalities share four commonalities in their wide-lifestyle spectrum:
1. Change Agents: Mired in change or progress, either for themselves or the community; shifting perceptions.
2. Principled Led: Dogmatic, confident in their beliefs and opinions, very little room for "grey area" in their destiny.
3. Cultural Revivers: Responsible for retaining and promoting the culture.
4. Achievement Bound: Representing spectrums of the American dream.

"By producing original programming specifically for US Hispanics, Telemundo has lead industry innovations including prime-time integrations as well as consumer insights, added Jacqueline Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer of Telemundo Communications Group. " We are excited to be partnering with Starcom Media Group on this ground-breaking approach in looking at Latino consumers as we utilize these insights into our programming, our branded entertainment and client's overall advertising messages."

"Our partnership with Telemundo not only creates new content models but provides the right capabilities to activate the application of alternative means of connecting with U.S. Latino consumers," said Monica Gadsby CEO of U.S. Multicultural and Latin America at Starcom MediaVest Group.

Initially, Beyond DemographicsT assembled a Latino Identity Leadership Consortium-an esteemed group of cultural translators-those who straddle the world between U.S. and Latino identity-to dig deep into an extensive analysis of the Latino population in the U.S.

The bilingual research also included complex quantitative surveys and an exhaustive qualitative study fielding with 18+ Latinos that represented the full spectrum of the Latino community in seven key markets: Miami, Raleigh, NY San Antonio, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

The results of the Latino Identity Study also offer advertisers a deep understanding of the psychographics of U.S. Latinos, particularly their consumer habits and how they want to experience brands across the board.

Therefore, when marketing to Latinos, messaging context, content and new formats need to be re-assessed to better match the 12 Latino Identities.

For example, some of the physical beauty of U.S. Latinos emerges from the mixing of the races through time. They are a blend of indigenous Latin Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc. And their inner qualities have been shaped according to economic and social factors as well as personal preferences.

It is relevant to reflect their outer and inner characteristics by constructing content and advertising messages that are specifically meaningful to who they are as individuals.

Beyond DemograhicsTM, as precursor to the 2010 Census, offers much needed clarification on what the Latino American Experience is truly becoming beyond demographical figures. The Latino study also brings political and social relevance beyond "consumer application"-its topical nature transforms the future U.S. Hispanic history, redefining the current complexity of the Latino Identity in the U.S.

Please visit to download the 12 Latino Identities.

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