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New York – Feb. 24, 2012: Mashable, a leading source for digital news and culture, announced today the introduction of mRank, a new proprietary feature on that powers real-time leaderboards of what’s buzzing on the social web. mRank is presented by Samsung as part of a year-long alliance to highlight digital leadership across the web. 

mRank, developed by Mashable and powered by PeopleBrowsr’s technology, provides Mashable’s community with a look at what’s rising and falling in influence across social media based on a number of metrics. The leaderboard will track topics (“Oscars”) and specific items around it (“Films” – Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Help, etc.). Samsung’s media agency partner, Starcom USA provided strategic insights to assist in the creation of mRank.

“Mashable has always been at the intersection of digital and culture.  Now, with mRank and leaderboards, we'll be able to show our audience how the digital world is responding to major events as they happen and we’re reporting on them,” said Adam Ostrow, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President, Content, Mashable.

"Like Mashable, Samsung recognizes the positive impact access to real-time data can have for people from all walks of life - not just marketers," said Brian Wallace, Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Samsung Telecommunications America. “For Marketers however, mRank is an indispensable tool that allows you to both pre-inform your marketing strategy and measure the impact of your marketing tactics. Samsung welcomes the opportunity to work with Mashable in helping to make this invaluable service available to all Mashable's readers.”

"Samsung has seen growing interest from people as they want to see what's trending socially across the entertainment, business and technology spaces -- and they want to see it in real-time. It's important to us that we provide consumers with a turnkey platform for them to tap into, join and watch how others are responding to conversations of the 'here and now,’” said Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing communications at Samsung Electronics America.

mRank uses the following metrics for computing buzz:

  • Facebook Buzz – The number of mentions of a particular topic on Facebook (public status updates)
  • Twitter Buzz – The number of mentions of a particular topic on Twitter.
  • Blog Buzz – The number of mentions of a particular topic on a large network of blogs tracked
  • Sentiment – A measure of sentiment across social media (positive/negative/neutral).

mRank will launch this weekend and track buzz around the 2012 Academy Awards - before, during and after the show. During the show, Mashable will be running a live blog about the ceremony that will incorporate data from mRank.

Mashable will use mRank to develop other leaderboards throughout the year for the Olympics, SXSW and other major news events.

Since launching in 2005, Mashable has grown to be one of the most influential online news sites, winning three Webby Awards, growing staff and becoming the largest independent news site reporting on digital culture and technology.

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