Sunquest Expands Support of American Interfaith Camps

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. r, has expanded its support of American Interfaith Camps, Inc. with a substantive donation for 2010.

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. r, a market leader in laboratory and diagnostic information systems, has expanded its support of American Interfaith Camps, Inc. (AIC) with a substantive donation for 2010. The AIC, based in North Carolina, has a mission is to provide an environment where children of different religious and ethnic backgrounds have a chance to play, eat, pray, and grow together as friends both in body and spirit.

We just completed another summer of camps for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim children, enabling them to learn tolerance and trust in their different religious and cultural backgrounds," according to AIC Executive Director Peter R. Parish. "At our boys camp, we had 12 young men with 15 adults, and at our girls camp we had 12 young women with 10 adults, with participants coming from Sudan, Algiers, Morocco, West Africa, and the US.

"The success of these camps has been so great, we are looking to expand the number of youth camps next year. We are also looking at the possibility of setting up an adult camp during the week or the weekend, further expanding this effort to anyone wanting to further multi-cultural relationships."

"The goal of the AIC is to create a camp program experience to better provide future leaders with the tools to become advocates for peace," said Richard Atkin, President and CEO of Sunquest Information Systems and the President of the Board of Directors of AIC. "Attendees of various religions can read, study, and discuss the depth of their individual faith with others in order to promote a better understanding within their respective communities."

Sunquest was the initial corporate sponsor of AIC, with the company and its staff having a long advocacy history of community outreach and participation in local and international charitable activities. The company and its staff have also made generous contributions of resources to World Vision, community food banks, Aviva Children's Services, and company-sponsored blood drives.

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About American Interfaith Camps, Inc.
American Interfaith Camps, Inc., ( a "501 (C) 3 charity", was formed in 2002 by Reverend Peter Parish, Rabbi Murray Ezring, and Shafiq Mohammad in response to the tragedy of "9/11" for the sole purpose of providing a safe and non-judgmental forum for children of the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths to attend and learn more about each other. Week-long camps are offered each summer, one for boys and one for girls, to comply with customs and religious principles.