Symphony Teleca Unveils m-Suite; Innovative Solution Delivers Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service

Company's first post-merger solution to plan, develop, deploy, store and manage mobile enterprise applications, devices and expenses

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 8, 2012 – Symphony Teleca Corporation, the global services organization dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices, today announced m-Suite, the enterprise mobility industry’s first complete, managed solution to create, deploy and manage mobile enterprise applications. m-Suite fully integrates an advanced application development environment, enterprise application store, mobile device management, analytics and expense management into a single solution driven from a common management system.

IT executives can now turn to a single company to design, develop, deploy and manage a complete enterprise mobility solution. This strategic, managed services approach generates improvements in costs and productivity of over 40% as compared with a do-it-yourself approach using first generation, disparate components.

“The biggest IT challenge today in enterprise mobility is the fragmentation of the various software, tools, services and management systems required to deploy even the simplest of solutions,” said Paul Chapman, Vice President of IT, VMWare. “Clearly there is a significant market need for solutions like Symphony Teleca’s that simplify the mobilization of the enterprise.”

The multi-function m-Suite is a highly scalable platform, capable of supporting tens of thousands of users across global deployments with high performance and availability. The cloud-based solution supports native, hybrid and web development environments for seamless, cross-platform application creation. An integrated application store accelerates application deployment and simplifies the management of user access to a personalized application suite. m-Suite’s open architecture ensures interoperability with best in class ecosystem modules, while offering a common management interface. An intuitive, 360° management system enables granular control and management of applications, devices and users. 

"We see enterprise mobility and the recent, intense phenomenon of ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ as having profound impact on enterprise IT strategy and resources," said Keerti Melkote, Chief Technology Officer at Aruba Networks. "The critical requirement is simplicity in the face of rapidly changing device and application demand. This extends from the network that securely connects these devices to application management. Aruba Networks and Symphony Teleca share this common vision, and we applaud the introduction of Symphony Teleca's Mobility-as-a-Service solution."

Symphony Teleca’s m-Suite significantly simplifies the creation, deployment and management of mobile enterprise applications.  The integrated solution offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Simplified application development and deployment – Pre-built, vertically tailored templates combined with a versatile development environment enable rapid creation of cross-platform applications. Tight integration with the application store accelerates deployment and adoption timelines – all managed from a web browser interface;
  • Comprehensive security and compliance – With data and device protection for a wide range of leading mobile platforms, m-Suite provides end-to-end mobile security.  Simple policy creation and automated configuration ensure scalable execution of corporate security guidelines with detailed reporting and compliance. Validation of 3rd party applications against enterprise security policies ensures the widest array of available tools for the enterprise.
  • Integration without disruption – The m-Suite platform offers seamless, non-disruptive integration with back office systems, cloud services, social networking, databases, and a range of leading ERP and CRM systems, minimizing any impact on existing systems and performance;
  • Granular visibility, control and analytics of users, apps and devices – From a single browser interface, m-Suite provides an intuitive, 360° view and control, ensuring the right employees can access the right applications.   Instant awareness of application inventories, device profiles, usage statistics, security policies, and more is available, along with the ability to create comprehensive dashboards for monitoring and analytics;
  • Open architecture for best in class enhancements – The initial release of the m-Suite platform provides a flexible and open framework for integrating a number of 3rd party solutions. Symphony Teleca has collaborated with a number of enterprise mobility solutions providers, including Sybase, an SAP company for mobile device management (MDM).  Partner solutions are fully integrated, providing clients with a single, optimized solution and common management view.
  • Integrated Expense Management – m-Suite’s expense management modules feature mobility life cycle management, MDM integration, rate plan optimization, and business process integration into large, complex enterprise operations. Symphony Teleca’s award-winning product resources, combined with its global team of product development and managed service experts enable companies to reduce customer service costs; improve global provisioning and asset management; and gain greater visibility into IT and telecommunications costs.

“Enterprise mobility holds great promise for many organizations today, and is quickly becoming a competitive imperative,” said Torben Haase, General Manager of Symphony Teleca’s Enterprise Division. “Not only does our solution help our clients tame the challenges of the bring-your-own-device phenomenon, it unlocks the tremendous value inherent in mobilizing critical enterprise applications.  We’re very excited to bring to market what we believe to be a first of its kind solution for enterprise mobility.” 


About Symphony Teleca

Symphony Teleca Corporation, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., is the world’s first services company dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices. The company delivers innovative products combined with contemporary product development, systems integration, analytics and managed services to hundreds of organizations around the world. Symphony Teleca’s 6,100 employees support customers from 35 offices globally, including delivery centers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.


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