Chill Yoga Music to Practice to.

One of my favorite things to do at places like Whole Foods, Kripalu or the store in a yoga studio is to put on headphones and listen to some of the music they are promoting. One of my main tasks when I am at Kripalu or Omega is to plunk myself down and go through dozens of CDs and then only let my self buy my favorite 10%.

Just so you understand part of my biases, if a CD has a lot of slow-moving and then fast tempo songs I tend to discard those, even if I really dig them since I want to have one consistent mood when I am teaching and don't have to get up and change the music....I just find that disruptive for myself. I tend to stay away from stuff that has loud bells or chimes in the middle of a long tranquil spell since it breaks the mood. It's hard to hold tree pose when all of a sudden you hear a clanging, "GONG".

Most of the music works well for other things like massage and other spiritual activities and some of them are just slow and sensual and great for just chilling and romancing. if you don't like hearing someone chant Oooooommmmm for a full hour when you are practicing then you can check these out.

So here is my list, in no particular order.

Deva Premal and Miten. For long-time yogis they will come as no surprise. For those newer to yoga, they have a soulful and sensual way of chanting ancient mantras. I have played this for lots of non-yogis when I was just chilling at home and they commented on how beautiful and soothing the music is. I think my favorite song is "There is so Much Magnificence".....I contemplated playing this at our wedding reception. There is a deep healing quality to their songs and they seem to be very therapeutic whenever I am going through "stuff".

The Gift of Love. Deepak Chopra. I worked at the Chopra Center for a year and was exposed to some really great stuff. There are actually a few different sets. I like them all. A lot of this music is fairly sensual as well and most of it is in English. Nice, modern beats to it.

Ekova - This usually would not come up in a Yoga class. These beats are faster moving and funkier...they feel almost african at times since there are some deep rhythmic beats in some songs. I wouldn't recommend this for massage but for a a more vigorous yoga class.

Spa Sonique - Don't let the overly feminine cover turn you. This has some very beautiful beats, great for massage or a romantic night as well.

Spiritual Chillout - One or two of the songs I always skip, but the rest of them really bring me to cozy place. Great chill music and no sanskrit.

Snataum Kaur - She does traditional Kirtan or chanting, some in English, some in Sanskrit. One of my Indian friends hates going and hearing westerners chant in sanskrit...she says it hurts her ears to have westerners butcher the sacred sounds of Sanskrit. Her voice is very pure and angelic.

Jai Uttal - He also does traditional Kirtan, mostly in Sanskrit so his CDs would be better suited to a yoga that is more familiar with sanskrit chanting. Very hypnotic.

Krishna Das...or KD as those in the know would call him. He is probably the most well known in the Kirtan, chanting circles and tends to have the biggest draws. I like his CDs but his concerts seem to always tear the house down and not to be missed since he has a way of bringing a crowd together.

Wah! The exclamation is not a typo. Probably the most rock-and rolly of all the other names in the chanting circuit. She is a master at melding traditional chanting with modern music and fuses them together for a very chill and funky genre. Some of her songs are quite slow and soulful but many of them have a faster tempo and would be good in a chill-party atmosphere.

Donna Delory - All her songs are in English and they have a very soft, healing, nurturing quality to them. I also like to listen to this to work through "stuff".

The Soul of Healing Meditations - Deepak Chopra. Most of the songs on her are slow and tranquil but a few are more upbeat so it could put a glitch in the rhythm if you are teaching this during your yoga class. This has some great guided meditations though on it. You'll just have to time it right to go with movement and with the more meditative parts of your class.

Rasa Mello - This probably would have been one of my favs for a faster moving class but I had a coworker at the Chopra Center that used to play this every day even though we all yelled at her (Amanda, where are you now?) This does have some great funky beats, probably too lively to do during massage or meditation though.

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