TASER X2 and X26 ECDs Approved by New Jersey Attorney General for Law Enforcement Use

Only TASER Devices Meet Rigorous Criteria Under New Policy

SSCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 17, 2011 -- TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR), a global provider of safety technologies that protect life, prevent conflict, and resolve disputes, today announced that New Jersey has approved the TASERr X26T electronic control device (ECD) and the TASERr X2T ECD for use by law enforcement officers in New Jersey. These models are the only ECDs to meet the criteria set forth the Attorney General's revised policy governing the use of stun guns in New Jersey.

New Jersey was the last state that prohibited law enforcement from using ECDs.

"This is truly a momentous occasion for law enforcement professionals in New Jersey," said Rick Smith, CEO and founder of TASER International. "The more than 20,000 state and municipal officers in New Jersey can now protect life and reduce injuries with the same proven life-saving technology used by officers in the other 49 states. To date, the use of TASER ECDs has saved more than 79,000 lives from potential death or serious injury."

According the New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow, the two TASER models are the only ECDs that meet the rigorous criteria set forth in the new policy for use by law enforcement. The policy requires that approved devices make a date- and time-stamped digital video recording of every instance when the device is discharged. All digital data and video recordings captured by the device must be safeguarded so that only supervisory personnel can access them as part of a prompt and thorough investigation of every discharge of an ECD.

The announcement of the approval by the New Jersey Attorney General can be found at: http://www.nj.gov/oag/newsreleases11/pr20111014b.html.

Details of the new policy are outlined in an Oct. 7, 2010 press release, which is posted on the New Jersey Attorney General's website at: http://www.nj.gov/oag/newsreleases10/pr20101007c.html along with a copy of the policy itself.

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