New Side-Entry Tinel-Lock Ring System Allows Easy Field Repairability

(LONDON) A new addition to the Tinel-Lock screen termination system simplifies field and factory repairs by eliminating the need for cutting tools and allowing the ring to be removed with pliers. Using a two-piece ring, the side-entry Tinel-Lock ring allows easy changes to accommodate unanticipated changes to the cable, wiring, or screening without the need to de-pin the connector. Versions are available to terminate single- and double-screened configurations.

The Tinel-Lock termination system permits simple, cost-effective termination of cable shielding to a wide variety of military specification circular connectors with simple tooling. The system consists of two elements: a Tinel-Lock ring and a spin coupling adapter. The ring is made from a special shape memory metal, which shrinks by 6% when heated, to permanently attach the cable shield to the adapter body. The resulting 360-degree termination has been successfully tested in severe military environments to withstand shock, vibration, temperature cycling, and corrosion.

The side-entry ring with its double grip hermaphroditic clip design gives easy installation and achieves less than 1 milliohm resistance across the cable screen termination.

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