TEDxPeachtree Shifts "Back to School" Selects The Galloway School for 2010 Conference

- What do you get when you cross a group of innovative and creative adults with an institution responsible for educating inquisitive individuals for the past 40 years? A glimpse into possibilities. TEDxPeachtree's 2nd annual conference will be held November 5, 2010 at The Galloway School located in Chastain Park. The new venue will accommodate the conference's expected audience growth of more than 150 percent.
With its state-of-the-art theater and production facility, The Galloway School is well-equipped to host this year's exciting program featuring a diverse line-up of speakers and dynamic networking interstitials. Participants to the conference will include metro Atlanta-based leaders, innovators, educators, artists and entertainers. The application process to attend the free conference will commence in early August and will be accompanied by a separate announcement.
"This year the conference focuses on how things shift and change," notes Al Meyers, participating organizer. "Moving the venue from Midtown to The Galloway School in Chastain is just another example, and we are delighted with the new location. Galloway is an ideal partner to help us continue to extend the TEDxPeachtree brand within the Atlanta community. "
Brion Friedman, chair of Galloway's board of trustees, agrees, taking the connection even further, "I think TEDx speaks to some of the founding principles of The Galloway School-that is, a commitment to innovative learning, collaboration, and valuing change and the new ideas and perspectives it brings. Galloway's theme this year, drawn from our founder Elliott Galloway's educational philosophy, is `fearlessness,' which truly complements TEDxPeachtree's exploration of how historic shifts challenge the ways we live and think. Galloway cultivates intrinsic curiosity and the desire to learn, and I think that makes it an ideal venue for the thought-provoking presentations and conversations that happen at TEDx conferences."
TEDxPeachtree is a localized version of the TED conferences, which take place annually in Long Beach, Calif., and Oxford, England. The acronym TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and the organization's theme is "ideas worth spreading." TED events date back to 1984 and have featured speakers such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Steve Jobs, Paul Simon, Richard Branson and Malcolm Gladwell.

About The Galloway School
Founded by Elliott Galloway in 1969, The Galloway School (http://www.gallowayschool.org) is the philosophically grounded, learner-focused independent school where students age 3 through grade 12 develop an abiding love for learning. Galloway serves a diverse student body of approximately 700 students who come together to pursue its collective values: individuality, fearlessness, mastery and community.

About TEDxPeachtree
TEDxPeachtree seeks to develop and share the TED experience on a regional level by bringing together inspirational leaders, innovators, artists and entertainers in metropolitan Atlanta. Led by local entrepreneur Al Meyers, who is also an official TED licensee, the TEDxPeachtree team is comprised of an all volunteer team of individuals hailing from an eclectic mix of professions. For more information about the conference, please visit www.tedxpeachtree.com.

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