Spring Forward! Genesee Bock Beer is Back

Widely known by its popular vintage can, Genny Bock will be available in grocery and convenience stores for a limited time

Rochester, NY - Back by popular demand: Genesee Bock Beer will hit grocery and convenience store shelves in Rochester and beyond. The Genesee Brewery recently began shipping thousands of special edition green cans - holding its beloved spring brew. Each can displays the familiar white goat, and plenty of yellow daisies, giving it a vintage, retro-style look. The beer itself has a long-standing tradition dating back hundreds of years, when brewers took advantage of long winters to patiently age batches of malty bock beer. Today, the Rochester brewing team carefully brews and ages Genny Bock Beer in a similar tradition.

"There's no denying it - people love Genny Bock and have nicknamed it `the goat,' which is actually the English meaning of the German word `bock,'" said Jason Drewniak, brand manager for Genesee. "Goats are a traditional representative of the bock style, but there's something endearing about our beer and our packaging. If you haven't tried it, pick up a six pack today.

"Our Bock Beer is perfect for this time of year, but we actually hear stories about people stocking up in the Spring, and enjoying it year-round," said Drewniak. "Whenever people do choose to enjoy it, we're sure they'll appreciate our attention to quality and brewing tradition."

Most beer lovers know that bock beer is carefully crafted and conditioned by the brewer. Genesee Special Edition Bock Beer is brewed and lagered - or aged - for several weeks to attain peak quality. The result is an exceptionally hearty, full-flavored bock beer with a slightly malty finish.