Applied DNA Sciences ($APDN) Recognized For Contributions To Authentication Technology

Applied DNA Sciences ($APDN) Recognized For Contributions To Authentication Technology

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: APDN; Twitter: $APDN) sells patented DNA security solutions to protect products, brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. SigNature DNA is a botanical mark used to authenticate products in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied, and provide a forensic chain of evidence that can be used to prosecute perpetrators.

Applied DNA Sciences was recently featured in Scientific American in an article highlighting The Company's contributions to authentication technologies and its military applications. BecauseDNA yields a false positive less than one in a trillion times, The Company's SigNature DNA markers may become an essential part of the U.S. Military's anti-counterfeiting measures. 

Scientific American contributor, Larry Greenemeier, writes,

"DLA, based in Fort Belvoir, Va., buys most of the military's electronic components and has over the past few years been testing authentication technologies the agency hopes can crack down on counterfeiting. One of the more promising approaches involves marking microchips with plant DNA. Applied DNA Sciences, in Stony Brook, N.Y., isolates strands of botanical DNA, breaks them down into segments and then shuffles those segments to make a custom DNA marker that qualified manufacturers can embed into a number of different substances, including ink, varnish, thread, laminates and metal coatings."

APDN technology is the centerpiece of an ongoing eighteen-month pilot supported by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the supply arm of the U.S. Department of Defense.  The pilot is operating at full scale production. In the current second phase, one half million microchips have been produced with a plant-based DNA authentication mark. A major chip manufacturer, an authorized distributor, and independent distributor are all taking part. If successful, Applied DNA's anti-counterfeiting technology will provide government contractors with the tools they need to find and report counterfeit parts within their supply chain. 

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