Beautiful Music from Small Medtech @ The Motley Fool; $UNIS

Beautiful Music from Small Medtech @ The Motley Fool; $UNIS

Unilife Corp. (NASDAQ: UNIS) is an emerging medical device manufacturer with business segments that include pre-filled syringes for pharmaceutical companies to deliver injectable medications, sharps safety devices for healthcare facilities, and contract manufacturing of medical devices.

At The Motley Fool, blogger Mike Volkin wrote an article about his interview with Frederick "Rick" Wise, theManaging Director of New York City-based Leerink Swann and a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music. Volkin writes,

"I was already aware that the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) produced the world's greatest musicians, but I didn't know that great sellside analysts were also minted there. Managing Director Frederick 'Rick' Wise of New York City-based Leerink Swann is a proud MSM graduate, and he likes to say that he took the "classical route" to Wall Street. 'I believe music was great preparation for being an analyst,' he says. 'I've been deciphering symbols and interpreting them and conveying the bottom line to people on a stage.'"

Volkin continues,

"Rick's general theme is to invest in smaller companies with revenue lines that are small enough to double or triple given time. It also doesn't hurt if a company might later fit into a larger company's plans for pipeline and product-line expansion. To that end he has composed a portfolio of companies that fit his thesis...

He has just initiated coverage on a small-cap, Unilife Corp. (NASDAQ: UNIS), which is more of a hospital-supply company than a high-tech device-centered enterprise. Unilife manufactures prefilled syringes, packaging them in a user-friendly fashion for large pharma and large biotech companies that want to give new life to older products losing patent protection."

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