BillMyParents ready to join top names in prepaid card industry with completely unique offering; $BMPI

BillMyParents ready to join top names in prepaid card industry with completely unique offering; $BMPI

BillMyParents, Inc. (OTCQB: BMPI) (OTCBB: BMPI), the leader in teen spending solutions, provides modern families with innovative products and services that promote responsible teen spending habits that last. Its flagship product, the BillMyParents SpendSmart MasterCard card, is a reloadable prepaid card for teens 13+. BillMyParents SpendSmart Card is the only instantly track-able, reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that lets parents and teens track spending in real time. Features include the ability to instantly lock, unlock and reload the card at any time; text alerts to parents and teens showing real-time transaction details with each purchase; and the freedom and security of a MasterCard prepaid card without the risk of overdrafts, accruing debt or affecting credit scores. BillMyParents provides parents with a modern way to help teach their teens financial responsibility, when it counts.

On MarketWatch, author and analyst Ray Dirks wrote an article analyzing the prepaid debit card space and describing how the BillMyParents SpendSmart card has changed the market:

"I believe that the final untapped market within prepaid debit cards is in the teen demographic, and if you think about it, this demographic probably makes the most sense of all [given that] teens spend over 200 billion dollars a year on goods and services despite the fact that most teens don't have a credit card or effective means to pay for goods and services online.

To further compound the problem, parents are unwilling to allow teens to use their credit card or get them their own card because there is no real time way to monitor them and let's face it, who wants a 14 year old carrying around the family credit card.

BillMyParents, BMPI 0.00% has a solution: The BillMyParents reloadable prepaid debit card that will revolutionize the space."

He continues,

"In addition to being a huge value added to the teen and the retailers that teens frequent, it provides ample opportunities for the parent to monitor how their teen spends money and creates ample opportunities to teach smart spending habits.

The card has established itself as the most cost-feature competitive debit card in the space and just this week won Pre-paid debit card of the year at the annual debit card industry awards ceremony as well as multiple advertising marketing awards."

Dirks goes on to highlight the company's accomplishments over the past 6 months, predicts their next moves, and explains why he thinks the stock price will go higher. 

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