@ BioWorld, Islet Sciences' subsidiary receives $2.1 million in grant funding - $ISLT

@ BioWorld, Islet Sciences' subsidiary receives $2.1 million in grant funding - $ISLT

Islet Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: ISLT) is a development-stage biotechnology company with patented technologies focused on transplantation therapy for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. The Company's transplantation technology includes methods for the culturing, isolation, maturation, and immuno-protection (microencapsulation) of islet cells. Islet Sciences’ mission includes the introduction of commercial products with applications to cell-based replacement therapy in the healthcare marketplace.

Islet Sciences was mentioned in the "Other News to Note" section of BioWorld Today, the daily biopharmaceutical news source:

"Islet Sciences Inc., of New York, said subsidiary DiaKine Therapeutics Inc. received a $2. 1 million in grant funding, comprising about $1 .83 million from the National Institutes of Health and $250,000 from the Iacocca Foundation to support its work in diabetes. Islet acquired DiaKine in a stock deal last month."

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