Client Update - GreenHouse ($GRHU) Awarded $151 Million Contract

Client Update: GreenHouse Holdings (OTCBB: GRHU; Twitter: $GRHU)

Client Update: GreenHouse Holdings (OTCBB: GRHU; Twitter: $GRHU)

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GreenHouse Holdings (OTCBB: GRHU; Twitter: $GRHU) put out significant news last week announcing that it has been awarded a $151 million contract for the design, development and construction of the Carlstrom National Security Training Center ("Carlstrom") in Central Florida, which will be used for the training of essential U.S. security personnel.

The contract was awarded to GreenHouse's wholly-owned subsidiary, Life Protection, Inc., by the Pinnacle Performance Group, the executive director for the development. The design and pre-construction phase of the project will commence immediately, and Carlstrom will be equipped with:

* A military style urban training facility,
* Tactical driving course,
* Obstacle-training course,
* Shooting range,
* Advanced computers, and
* Technology laboratories.

The Carlstrom facility will be designed to provide both simulated training scenarios and classroom-based learning. The entire project will take approximately three years to complete and once operational will create over 250 jobs. Florida Governor Rick Scott has made job creation a big part of his administration's agenda, so clearly GRHU will be well received in Tallahassee.

This facility will be used by the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Army, Federal Air Marshall Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Tactical Forces (SWAT and Anti-Terrorism), Customs Enforcement, FEMA, and First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS). In the new era of National Security concerns, the project and facilty is expected to receive national attention.

Why Greenhouse? - GreenHouse is rapidly developing a reputation as a leading provider of energy efficiency and sustainable facilities solutions. They design, engineer and install products and technologies that enable its clients to:

* Reduce their energy costs, and
* Carbon footprint.

The target markets for Greenhouse's energy efficiency solutions include:

1. Government and military,
2. Commercial, residential and industrial markets.

GreenHouse's expertise in environmentally friendly contracting placed them in a strong position to secure the Carlstrom project. The Company has a history of supplying the U.S. military with a wide range of products from rapidly deployable and ballistically protected buildings to sustainable, environmentally safe targeting systems and live fire training facilities. This contract is considered a marquee contract in the industry, and it positions GreenHouse as a market leader in the governmental construction arena which management believes "will lead to future contracts creating strong revenue growth and improved profitability."

John Galt, Chairman and CEO of GreenHouse Holdings stated in the press release:

"I am very proud of the team we have assembled to complete this project. We look forward to working with Pinnacle Performance Group on this facility that will not only help improve the security of our nation through state-of-the-art first responder training, but assist the Department of Defense in training to support a heightened deployment tempo. This contract is a major milestone for our company and its robust business model which combines best-of-breed energy savings solutions with sustainable facilities construction, and showcases the synergy in our various core competencies and products."

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