Closing the Nursing Student Safety Gap with Needlestick Injury Awareness; $UNIS

Closing the Nursing Student Safety Gap with Needlestick Injury Awareness; $UNIS

While patient safety initiatives often receive ample attention from medical industry leaders, issues of nurse safety often lack similar attention. One group that especially gets left behind in the discussions is nursing students.

At, contributor Alexandra Wilson Pecci wrote an article about the need for increased safety awareness - especially awareness of needlestick injury - for nursing students. She interviewed Mary Foley, PhD, RN, director at the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation at the University of California San Francisco School of Nursing and a past ANA president. Dr. Foley addressed the issue of nursing student safety in her keynote speech at the 60th National Student Nurses Association convention in Pittsburgh.

Pecci writes,

"Foley says aside from educational programs from the ANA and now, Safe in Common, she doesn’t see much novel work happening 'on the ground' when it comes to improving nurse safety. But she hopes that 'the increased knowledge of the risks and the re-energized focus will go a long way to protect nurses and students.'

She adds that reducing needlestick and sharp injury exposures requires the cooperation of healthcare professionals, purchasers, employers, and manufacturers."

As Foley told HealthLeaders Media via email,

"When that coalition works together to educate about better equipment and safer work practices, and devices available are better designed to provide…passive protection whenever possible [meaning the worker does not have to consciously activate any safety features because the safety is built in] then there will be improvements." Read more at

One company working to advance the safety of healthcare workers is Unilife Corp. (NASDAQ: UNIS; Stock Twits: $UNIS), a U.S. based developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced drug delivery systems with state-of-the-art facilities in Pennsylvania. The company's Unitract® range of 1mL syringes are designed for use with injectable drugs supplied in a vial or ampoule form. These syringes offer several proprietary features that make them a best-in-class option for those seeking the highest levels for injection safety:

  • Passive activation of the needle retraction mechanism to virtually eliminate the risk of needlestick injury
  • Operators may control the speed of needle retraction directly from the body into the barrel to minimize aerosol (splatter) risk
  • Offers intuitive use by either healthcare workers or patients that self-administer prescription medication outside of the healthcare setting
  • Extra wide flanges (wings) provide for easy handling during all stages of the injection process, with hands remaining behind the needle at all times
  • All safety features are fully integrated within the barrel for compact handling and convenient disposal.