Coronado Biosciences (NASDAQ: CNDO) President and CEO Dr. Bobby Sandage Interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine

Coronado Biosciences (NASDAQ: CNDO)

Coronado Biosciences (NASDAQ: CNDO) is engaged in the development of novel immunotherapy biologic agents. The Company's two principal pharmaceutical product candidates in clinical development are CNDO-201, a biologic for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis; and CNDO-109, a biologic that activates natural killer cells, for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia and solid tumors.

The company's President and CEO, Dr. Bobby Sandage Jr., has been interviewed in a CEOCFO Magazine feature story. In the interview, Dr. Sandage gave a brief history of the company, described its vision and its products, and discussed its trials, research, technology, market, and financial situation. The interview concluded with Dr. Sandage explaining CNDO's value and appeal to potential investors:

"I think the best way to sum up Coronado Biosciences, as a potential investment is to review the value proposition. We have two biologics, which are inherently more valuable than a small molecule because of lack of multiple potential generic competitors. Both products address huge unmet medical need markets, one for autoimmune disease potentially addressing up to 5% to 8% of the U.S. population and immunotherapy for cancer. The mechanisms of both of these products are such that they could potentially treat any autoimmune disease or any cancer. The first biologic TSO is oral product taken once every two weeks and already has clinical evidence of efficacy in several important autoimmune diseases and the NK program where we have evidence of efficacy in AML. It also has the potential to treat many other cancers. We have cash in the bank that should take us late into 2012. We think the future is quite promising."

The interview will be featured on the cover page of the magazine for the next 3 months. Read the full interview below. 

CNDO Feature Story