For Growth and Value, Premier Alliance Group is It @ Small Cap Network; $PIMO

For Growth and Value, Premier Alliance Group is It @ Small Cap Network; $PIMO

Premier Alliance Group (OTCBB: PIMO; Twitter: $PIMO) is a leading provider of business and technology advisory and consulting services. Practice areas of expertise encompass Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Business Performance & Technology, and Finance & Accounting. Premier's Greenhouse division is a leading provider of energy efficiency and sustainable facilities solutions. The division designs, engineers and installs disparate products and technologies that enable its clients to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Its target markets for energy efficiency solutions include government and military, as well as commercial and industrial markets. Premier Alliance Group is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

At Small Cap Network, contributor Jonathan Yates wrote an article highlighting Premier Alliance as a notable company because it actually increased its revenues and profits over the course of The Great Recession. What's even more important than simply being profitable is improving both the top line and the bottom line each year, which is just what Premier Alliance is doing.

Yates wrote,

"The top line has been growing for the last four years at Premier Alliance Group and the bottom line for the previous three years. That demonstrates that not only is business expanding, but it is doing so efficiently. Revenues are not being booked at the cost of efficiency. This is what increased earnings-per-share which is what increases the share price of a company's stock. Increases in revenues and profits like that should satisfy any growth investor."

He continued,

"There is every reason to expect the revenues and profits of Premier Alliance Group to continue growing. As detailed in a previous article on, it has a blue chip roster of clients, recently winning a contract from Southern California Edison. The field of energy management and energy efficiency holds particular promise, as reported in recent articles in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. With a blue chip client roster, increasing revenues, higher profits and a price-to-sales ratio of under 1, Premier Alliance Group has a great appeal to small cap growth and value investors."

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