Intellipharmaceutics (NASDAQ: IPCI) Releases Company Presentation

Intellipharmaceutics (NASDAQ: IPCI) Releases Company Presentation

Intellipharmaceutics International (NASDAQ: IPCI; TSX: I) is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of controlled-release and targeted-release pharmaceutical products. Controlled-release means releasing a drug into the bloodstream or at a target site in the body, over an extended period of time or at predetermined times. In some circumstances, controlled-release drug delivery can enhance efficacy and patient compliance as compared to immediate-release formats for the same drug.

The Company has released a corporate presentation, current as of February 2012. Below is the presentation overview:

  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals Company (NASDAQ: IPCI; TSX: I)
  • Six ANDAs under review by the FDA for generics of: Focalin XR®, Effexor XR®, Protonix®, Glucophage® XR , Seroquel XR®, Lamictal® XR™ (represents approximately $6.6B of branded and generic sales)
  • Rexista™ Technology – abuse resistant drug delivery platform
    • Rexista Oxycodone XR - Phase I proof-of-concept study complete
    • Potential application to other opioid drug candidates
  • Controlled-Release (CR) Focus: high-value products / alt. delivery systems
    • $15B+ of CR medicines off patent in the near term (1)
    • Technical barriers can result in fewer competitors and higher margins
  • Strategic alliance with Par Pharmaceutical (NYSE: PRX) for generic Focalin XR
  • Broad range of drug delivery solutions
    • 30+ patents issued and pending 

The presentation also includes information on the following:

  • The management team
  • Profile of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Hypermatrix technology
  • Disclosed product candidates
  • IPCI's 6 ANDAs (abbreviated new drug application)
  • Rexista technology platform
  • Oxycodone and its abuse
  • Growing interest in abuse resistance
  • Rexista Oxycodone XR
  • IPCI's state-of-the-art facility
  • Company milestones
  • Selected financial data

See the full presentation here