Operation Greentech: The Military Goes All In With Energy Innovation; $PIMO

Operation Greentech: The Military Goes All In With Energy Innovation; $PIMO

Premier Alliance Group (OTCBB: PIMO; Twitter: $PIMO) provides business consulting services and human capital solutions to customers with a focus on core areas of business processes used throughout the corporate world including project management, business analysis, business consulting and strategic consulting. Premier Alliance recently closed its acquisition of GreenHouse Holdings, Inc., a a leading provider of energy efficiency and sustainable facility services and solutions. GreenHouse has merged with a newly formed subsidiary of Premier and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier. John Galt former CEO of the acquired Greenhouse Holdings is now Head of the Premier Solutions Division. 

At GreenTechMedia.com, contributor Yoni Cohen wrote an article examining how the US Military has pursued green technologies as well as the reasons behind their commitment: "In the interest of national security, the military is pursuing advanced batteries and novel biofuels for the battlefield and energy-efficient buildings and energy-independent bases for the home front. The Armed Forces are investing and enabling green technologies independently, through its own research (e.g., DARPA) and procurement (e.g., the Army’s new Energy Initiatives Office) processes, as well is in cooperation with the Department of Energy."

Cohen quoted John Quinn, the Deputy Director of the Navy’s Energy and Environmental Readiness Division:

"Everything the Navy pursues as part of its overarching energy program is about improving combat capability for the warfighter. There are real vulnerabilities associated with using lots of fuel...We have seen that play out on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is equally true at sea and in the air. Operating more efficiently provides a direct benefit to combat capability by reducing those vulnerabilities.

Efficiency also reduces the lifecycle costs of our systems, because high and volatile petroleum prices put pressure on the Navy budget...Similarly, diversifying our energy sources can provide both operational forces and installations with a reliable, secure energy supply that ensures the Navy can perform its mission under any circumstances. This is why we are working to draw at least half of the energy we consume from alternative sources by 2020. [...] With industry's help, I think we can do it." Read more at GreenTechMedia.com

John Galt, head of Premier's Solutions Division, commented,

"This article explains our company direction and the foundation that we have built in a market with a very high barrier of entry in order to take advantage of the incredible growth in the Utility and DoD sectors. We bring 360 degree sustainable solutions to all our public and private clients because energy security is national security."