Premier Alliance Awarded Largest Contract of Its Kind for California Steel Industries; $PIMO

Premier Alliance Awarded Largest Contract of Its Kind for California Steel Industries; $PIMO

Premier Alliance Group (OTCBB: PIMO; Twitter: $PIMO) provides business consulting services and human capital solutions to customers with a focus on core areas of business processes used throughout the corporate world including project management, business analysis, business consulting and strategic consulting.

Premier announced that its recent acquisition and Energy Division, Greenhouse Holdings, "has been engaged to implement Southern California Edison's (SCE) Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) program for California Steel Industries, Inc. (CSI)." The Company will implement Auto-DR and automation technologies within CSI's 450-acre Fontana, CA facility. The undertaking represents one of the largest energy management systems of its kind in the country.

Mark Elliott, CEO of Premier Alliance, commented, 

"This strategic win clearly positions Premier as an expert in the Auto-DR space and is a testament to the professionalism and expertise of the Energy Division's consultants and engineers. A project of this scale truly exemplifies the value that automation and energy demand management can bring to both the provider, in this case Southern California Edison, as well as the utility customer."

Premiers' Greenhouse division "is a leading provider of energy efficiency services and solutions and sustainable infrastructure products. The company is a qualified service provider of SCE's Auto-DR program, providing site assessment and audits, feasibility studies, project development, engineering, and installation of enabling technologies including complete processing of all utility documents." Greenhouse will provide CSI with "a comprehensive, fully automated energy management and control system complete with a customized software platform that will interface with specific process equipment and all of the HVAC and lighting in the facility. Once completed CSI will be able to reliably load shed a significant amount of electricity."

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