SunSi's Subsidiary Signs Distribution Agreement With TransPacific Energy; $SSIE

SunSi's Subsidiary Signs Distribution Agreement With TransPacific Energy; $SSIE

SunSi Energies Inc's (OTC: SSIE) goal is to become one of the world's largest producers of trichlorosilane ("TCS"). The Company plans to achieve this objective by acquiring and developing a portfolio of high-quality, scalable, strategically located TCS production facilities that possess a potential for future growth and expansion. U.S. based SunSi controls approximately 55,000 metric tons of TCS production in China.

The Company has announced one of its subsidiaries, Wendeng He Xie Silicon Co. Ltd ('Wendeng'), "has entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with TransPacific Energy Inc. ('TPE'), a renewable energy company slated to become an affiliate of SunSi. The agreement calls for Wendeng to handle distribution in China of TPE's innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, which maximize heat recovery and convert waste heat directly into electrical energy at lower kilowatt cost. Wendeng's targets include both its existing billion dollar clients as well as key players in a wide variety of industries that would significantly benefit from the production of electricity through their existing waste heat. This is first step in TPE's strategic plan to rapidly generate substantial revenue both domestically an internationally by aggressively securing key distribution channels."

TransPacific Energy's patent-pending heat recovery and energy conversion process produces electricity from a variety of heat sources. These sources include solar, biomass, hot flue gases from process industry, landfill, geothermal, gray water/hot fluids and warm ocean waters, which represent multi-billion dollar opportunities.

SunSi's Chairman Richard St Julien commented on the new agreement:

"TPE has the perfect product for the industrial market in China. The combined efforts should accelerate deployment in China as the need for electricity derived from clean, renewable sources that are generated from products like the ORC, is substantial. With billions of dollars earmarked for renewable energy projects by the Chinese government over the next ten years, we believe China is an excellent market for TPE's technology and could generate substantial revenue. The inherent advantages of TPE's ORC solutions are a great selling feature, and the size of the market for the reduction of emissions alone is enormous. In China, most industrial companies must now comply with stringent, government environmental guidelines. TPE's systems can help accomplish those requirements."

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