@ The Economist, Organovo Co-Founder Andras Forgacs Discusses Bioprinting (Video); $ONVO

@ The Economist, Organovo Co-Founder Andras Forgacs Discusses Bioprinting (Video); $ONVO

Organovo Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ONVO) is focused on delivering breakthrough three-dimensional biology capabilities to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. As the first company with a three-dimensional tissue technology that works across tissue types, we are meeting the promise of regenerative medicine to fill unmet medical needs. Organovo's powerful NovoGen Bioprinting platform creates human tissues starting with any cell source. From disease models to tissue creation, bioprinting solves urgent needs in biological research.

In a video from The Economist, Organovo co-founder Andras Forgacs discusses bioprinting and its significance to the pharmaceutical industry.

He explains,

"Tissue engineering...is an emerging field that combines engineering and life sciences to create functional, biological structures that can restore and improve tissue function. Examples include bladders, trachhea, and blood vessels. And if you look at it, printing as a technology has also gone through a revolution. While it's been around for hundreds of years, in the last couple decades it's gained a new dimension. It can now print layer by layer, in materials ranging from plastic to metal to concrete to chocolate, from the smallest scales to the largest. If we take 3D printing and we combine it with biology, we have bioprinting, where the building blocks are cell aggregates - what we call bio ink particles - that are composed of thousands of cells that can fuse together into different shapes."

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