TONIX Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman Seth Lederman Interview (TNXP)

TONIX Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman Seth Lederman Interview (TNXP)

TONIX Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: TNXP.OB) develops new treatments for challenging disorders of the central nervous system (CNS).The Company’s lead programs are potential new treatments for fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder, which are chronic CNS syndromes. 

Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman Seth Lederman was recently interviewed in the April 9th issue of CEO CFO Magazine.  Lederman, a physician, scientist, and specialty pharmaceuticals entrepreneur, discusses his passion as a problem solver interested in discovering new treatments for a variety of ailments thatafflict society today.  

His background in AIDS research led him to focus on issues related to CNS disorders and fibromyalgia.  On this subject, Lederman commented,

 "I am drawn to decipher CNS problems by their complexity and by the enormous suffering of patients. Fibromyalgia was a compelling problem and one that challenged me directly since I devoted about 11 years to practicing and teaching rheumatology at Columbia. Even though fibromyalgia syndrome is a pain disorder that originates as a disorder in the CNS, traditionally rheumatologists cared for fibromyalgia patients. Given my personal experiences caring for fibromyalgia patients, the syndrome was a natural challenge for me as a drug developer. I should also mention another connection between AIDS and fibromyalgia. When I started work in AIDS, caring for these patients was frustrating because they all died no matter how well we managed their opportunistic infections. With better treatments for HIV came more compassion for patients because physicians regained the natural satisfaction of having their hard work pay off with healthier patients. Fibromyalgia patients have been frustrating to manage in ways that remind me of the early days of treating AIDS patients.  Fibromyalgia patients don’t die, but they don’t get better. When better treatments are available for fibromyalgia, I believe physicians will regain satisfaction from having their work pay off with healthier patients. When doctors learn how to treat fibromyalgia symptoms in a meaningful way, I hope it will lead to a virtuous cycle in which patients will be treated with more sympathy, compassion and dignity."

TONIX is developing a medicine to help fibromyalgia patients by improving the quality of sleep.  The need for such treatments is growing in the US market, and is currently a $1 billion industry, and growing approximately 20% a year. 

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