TicketLeap's new tool provides a simple way to integrate custom backgrounds and images with event branding.

Philadelphia, PA - TicketLeap, the leading self-service all-in-one ticketing and events marketing platform, just released the TicketLeap Theme Creator, a tool that provides event organizers a simple way to customize event pages, enabling them to reflect the branding and personality of their events.

With Halloween and the Holiday Season around the corner, this comes as great news to event organizers, who can now avoid the dull event pages that are commonly seen - or their only option - on other event platforms. With a simple selection field, the TicketLeap Theme Creator gives event organizers the ability to adjust text, background colors, and also utilize their own images for event pages, creating a unique buying experience that directly integrates existing event logos and imagery. As a result, event organizers are able to create an event page that stands out to their customers.

"This release is in line with our goals to make online ticketing simpler and more effective," said TicketLeap CEO Chris Stanchak. "The TicketLeap Theme Creator is another great tool for event organizers to have in their bag of tricks. It's easy to use, it makes the event pages look great, and you don't need a team of designers to do it."

About TicketLeap
TicketLeap is a self-service all-in-one ticketing and events marketing platform that helps event organizers maximize ticket sales, while saving time and money. Using TicketLeap, event organizers can easily customize event pages, sell tickets online and onsite, spread the word using email marketing and social media, track sales in real-time, and manage attendees efficiently - all from one place. To learn more, visit http://www.ticketleap.com, or call 877.849.5327