TicketLeap Mobile Makes HauntApps Even More Potent This Halloween

Ticketleap's new Mobile Optimized Ticketing brings additional functionality to HauntApps, further streamlining the check-in process for haunted attraction owners.

Philadelphia, PA - TicketLeap, the leading self-service all-in-one ticketing and events marketing platform, and official partner of HauntApps.com, unveiled TicketLeap Mobile in time for Halloween season. Building on the strength of branded, individual apps for each attraction, customers will be now able to seamlessly transfer from the event's HauntApp to the TicketLeap Mobile ticketing page, allowing them to buy tickets on their phone wherever they are - in the car, at home, or even while waiting in line at the event - streamlining the check-in process significantly.

"We think attraction owners who currently use HauntApps will be delighted to see how well TicketLeap Mobile integrates with their customized apps," said Lee George, Haunt Specialist at TicketLeap. "I'm excited that we can offer an even more integrated experience for buyers and help put an end to long lineups at attractions."

Customers who buy their tickets through HauntApps' integrated with TicketLeap Mobile will also be able to present a unique confirmation code and a scan-able QR code at check-in, in addition to having access to TicketLeap's powerful social media features, allowing them to post about the event to their Facebook and Twitter feeds right from their smart phones.

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