Digital Home Phone Offers Enhanced Experience

VoiceZone on PC Enables Customers to Manage Communications From Anywhere

Time Warner Cable of the Northeast now offers Digital Home Phone customers free new features, including Caller ID on PC, all controllable from any internet-enabled computer. A slew of great applications are available as part of Time Warner Cable's VoiceZone on PC rollout, all of which give customers multiple ways to control home communications with the latest technology; making user home phone experience simpler and easier.

Caller ID on PC will allow Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone customers to receive an instant message on their computers displaying Caller ID information for incoming calls. Customers will also have the ability to manage existing applications (Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Speed Dial and Call Privacy). Customers can also enjoy the application remotely on an office computer, laptop or smartphone.

Several new applications will also be enabled with VoiceZone on PC. Online Visual Voicemail will let users view, listen, save or delete messages on their PC as well as option to get voicemail to email. Selective Call Handling will offer the opportunity to avoid unwanted telephone calls and Distinctive Ring Tones will let customers identify calls with a variety of different sounds. All applications can be managed from one simple and easy web portal.