RMS Titanic Gift Ideas: Coal for the Naughty and Jewelry for the Nice!

Come see the $500,000 gift of coal at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Luxor and buy a small piece for the holidays

Did you know that Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, is home to one of the most expensive gifts on The Strip? Come see the half million dollar, 55 lb piece of coal salvaged from the Ship of Dreams. If $500,000 is slightly out of the holiday gift budget, smaller authentic pieces of coal are available for $25 and $50. These coal keepsakes were part of the 5,892 tons of coal loaded onboard Titanic when it left England almost a century ago and are the only artifacts that can be sold to the public.

If something that sparkles is more appealing, walk away from The Exhibition wearing a stunning replica of the 15 inch filigree necklace for only $20. The original necklace, hand constructed of platinum and set with small diamonds, is one of the many recovered pieces of jewelry that Titanic's first-class ladies wore in the evening while at sea. Clearly as beautiful as the famous (but fictitious) "Heart of the Ocean" necklace made famous in the James Cameron film, which can also be purchased for just $20.

Whether a prince or a pauper, everyone can have a memento of RMS Titanic. From art and apparel to books and collectibles, the perfect gift is now available at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition retail shop inside Luxor Hotel & Casino or online at TheTitanicStore.com. Come view the artifacts and take home a small keepsake for you or a friend this holiday season.

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