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Couple `behind the scenes' reveal it all

Toronto, Ontario/March 20, 2012 - One of the world’s most popular relationship management platform websites for couples announced today that they are pushing the envelope in a big way in order for couples to learn more about love, relationships, and yes, you got it – sex.

Tokii.com just expanded its ecosystem of relationship support and resources with the launch of Tokiitales.com. Through a unique mix of real life stories and fiction about relationship experiences, the site content is hot and steamy, but it also creates learning opportunities in thought-provoking ways.

According to Alison Sigmon, therapist and author, storytelling is a cornerstone of cultures around the globe and essential to personal and relationship growth, influence, and evolution. She continues with saying, “It is the most effective method when sharing wisdom, gaining insight, changing behavior, and inspiring others to try something new or different. When we see others have experienced what we’re experiencing, we feel more confident and inspired to act in thoughtful ways.”

Tokiitales.com is a platform for members to contribute their stories, and at the same time get analysis, advice, and tips from subject matter experts that readers can learn from and use for themselves and their relationships. It promotes exchanging ideas, sharing perspective, and peeking into others’ experiences through story-specific comment streams. Sigmon added, “Just like reading a parable, watching a film, or listening to a great storyteller, Tokiitales.com offers a stage and an audience for anyone seeking information and support about relevant, current subjects in entertaining and even provocative formats.”

No holds barred – the site does contain material that is sexually explicit in nature and adult discretion is advised – Tokiitales.com offers an array of categories for online readers which include “What Turns Me On?,” “Erotic,” “Relationship,” “Life Challenges,” “Humour,” and “Mystery.”

Here are two links for men and women to learn more about Tokiitales.com:

For Men

For Women

Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, Founder and CEO of Tokii.com, indicates that the launch of Tokiitales.com is another avenue to provide experience and knowledge through methods tailored to the needs and style of the individual.

“Our website is growing strong simply for the reason that people out there want credible advice on love, relationships, sex, and even dating,” she says. “We are now becoming a household name in Canada, the USA and beyond as more and more couples turn to us so each day so that they can better discover new aspects of their relationships when dealing with their partners.”

Tolstoy adds, “The launch of Tokiitales.com will be a hit for new and current members. Let’s face it, the world is a changing place and people in relationships who have careers and living fast-paced lives need a site like ours for advice, guidance, and support. We want everyone to share their stories, post comments and engage in dialogue on topics that focus on love, sex, and relationships and so much more.”

Tokii.com is a free online relationship management platform that helps busy couples stay connected. The site is interactive allowing couples to participate in an abundance of DiscoveryGames, and the site provides couples with advice columns, blogs and stories on love, sex and relationships. Tokii.com will "tune up" any relationship so couples can "tune in" to each other's needs and get the spark back they need.

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