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Toronto, ON/March 22, 2012 –Joseph Kony is a wanted man and now the hunt is on to capture him so that justice is served for his horrific crimes since forming the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) over 20 year ago in Uganda., one of the world’s most relied upon relationship management website platforms for couples, just launched its Kony2012 DiscoveryGame in order to gain feedback, get people talking about the issues, and boost awareness on Kony. Each week offers a number of new DiscoveryGames relating to an array of topics like current events, politics, travel, holidays, love, romance, and sex.

Kony is now in the public eye big time since the world has learned of how he and his LRA regime kidnapped over 30, 000 children so they could work in its rebel group. Under Kony’s ruse, he made young boys and men soldiers, and sadly, young girls and women into “wives” and sex slaves since forming the LRA in 1986, according to the Associated Press.

“The social media world has exploded with so much response this week following the launch of a documentary titled Kony 2012,” says Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, founder and CEO of “The 30 minute documentary is now posted on YouTube and Vimeo, and as March 20, 2012, the film was viewed over 80 million times. This demonstrates the power of social media and how people want to talk about the issues at hand.”

The documentary, which was directed and produced by Jason Russell for the campaign group Invisible Children Inc, was made in an effort to increase US involvement in capturing a the man who founded the LPA.

“ and its Kony 2012 DiscoveryGame is yet another effective tool in promoting awareness of Kony. Simply put, and its members want to make a difference and feel the need to participate in our DiscoveryGame,” says Tolstoy.

Tolstoy points to some thought-provoking results from members who participated in the Kony 2012 DiscoveryGame. “Interestingly, the majority of men feel that he will be killed rather than being captured, while the majority of women suggest he will be caught this year.”

She adds, “A point to highlight from our data is that while both men and women feel the use of social media is effective in creating awareness on the issue involving Kony, our members strongly feel that the negative media attention in the end will not make a difference in the end.”

Of course while the Kony 2012 documentary has generated chatter, so has Russell himself, the film’s director who was involved in a scandal only days ago. Despite this however, men and women with don’t feel it does not alter the problem.

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The data collected form the Kony 2012 DiscoveryGame on is valuable as it serves as a snapshot of the viewpoints from global citizens.

Joseph Kony has been able to continue his brutality for over 20 years; Do I think the international community will be able to catch him in 2012?

27% of men, 59% of women: Yes, this is the year

9% of men, 29% of women: No, he’ll continue to elude them

64% of men, 12 % of women: He’ll like be killed, not caught

With this latest negative media attention, do I think the KONY 2012 Campaign will be able to actually make a difference?

12% of men, 12% of women: Heck yes!

12% of men, 12% of women: Impossible to say

75% of men, 75% of women: No

How do I feel about the KONY 2012 campaign after the scandal involving co-founder Jason Russell?

33% of men, 33% of women: Doesn’t change the issue

17% of men, 28% of women: Less optimistic

25% of men, 28% of women: Cynical

25% of men, 11% of women: Totally ruined the momentum

Why do I think the organizers want to make Joseph Kony “famous” for his crimes?

50% of men, 59% of women: To spread awareness

42% of men, 29% of women: To get the attention of the US Government

8% of men, 12% of women: Easier to unite against a known villain

What do I think is most effective about the KONY 2012 campaign?

17% of men, 39% of women: It appeals to youth

33% of men, 22% of women: Its use of Facebook

25% of men, 22% of women: That is expires on December 31, 2012

25% of men, 17% of women: It’s a twist on fame/celebrity

Do I agree with the organizer targeting the youth to generate support?

50% of men, 37% of women: Yes, youth can influence adults

25% of men, 26% of women: No, youth are easily swayed

25% of men, 37% of women: If it works, who cares

The organizers of Invisible Children have been criticized for spending large amounts of donations on travel and production costs. Do I think the expenses are justified?

42% of men, 33% of women: Absolutely! It’s about awareness, not aid

25% of men, 39% of women: No, the money was misspent

33% of men, 28% of women: Not sure, don’t know enough  yet

Do I think the larger issue of the use of child soldiers is getting lost in all the focus on Kony himself in the media?

42% of men, 44% of women: Yes, it’s not discussed enough

42% of men, 22% of women: No, that is the focus

17% of men, 33% of women: Aren’t they one and the same?

What do I think of the KONY 2012 campaign’s use of Social Media to spread the word and get people aware of Joseph Kony?

67% of men, 71% of women: It’s relevant and effective

8% of men, 6% of women: It’s purely opportunistic

17% of men, 12% of women: Hey, it’s free advertising

8% of men, 12% of women: Did not like it

If the KONY 2012 campaign works, do I think it will set a new precedence for going after other international criminals?

45% of men, 59% of women: It will definitely influence other cases

45% of men, 24% of women: It may help with catching other warlords

9% of men, 18% of women: It won’t make a difference long-term

How would I say I feel about the KONY 2012 campaign as a whole?

20% of men, 29% of women: Totally supportive

20% of men, 29% of women: Mostly supportive

30% of men, 29% of women: Somewhat critical

30% of men, 12% of women: Cynical

What type of action am I most likely to take for KONY 2012?

11% of men, 12% of women: Get the kit, hit the streets

0% of men, 12 of women: Share on Facebook

67% of men, 65% of women: Follow the news

22% of men, 12% of women: Don’t care

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