Meet You at the Lab, Honey helps couples 'Tune Up' & 'Turn On'

Toronto, Ontario/March 13, 2012 - Let’s face it, we live in a busy world where work and our career life occupies most of our time. So, how does this all play out when you are in a relationship? Well, it can be tough for many couples living a hectic lifestyle, there’s no doubt about it. It seems that there are not enough hours in a day where couples can really take the time they need in order to find ways to understand each other.

But don’t despair, there’s good news – really good news that is, and it’s only a point and click away with the mouse., one of the world’s most relied upon relationship management website platforms, provides products that facilitate couples through gamification experiences that help them discover, reveal, and share their needs, desires, and interests.

Now offers even more resources with the launch of Alison Sigmon, therapist and author, says about Tokii Lab, “Tokii Lab takes the topics, opportunities, and possible points of conflict uncovered from using Tokii products, and extends the conversation with tips, support, advice, and insights for how they can meet their respective needs, desires, and goals on and offline.”

Already known for supportive, original content in, Tokii Lab gives even more in depth, practical content experiences from trusted subject matter experts in a variety of areas. Sigmon continues with saying, “ and Tokii Lab address age-old problems and concerns in current time-saving ways. People in or out of a relationship can try, share, learn, explore, and get great ideas through a variety of media formats.” allows couples to submit questions and obtain advice and feedback from popular relationships experts. The site also has plenty of information for couples seeking insights on communication, love, friends and family, health, home life, holidays, lifestyle, current events, sex, info graphs, and quotes and humour.

What makes the site even more unique is that it follows the pulse of couples and how they interact with one another. Content is then created based on user data. So, for example, if couples are playing a lot of the finance DiscoveryGames, then will quickly know that this is an area of interest and will provide more content with advice columns, stories and blogs for its members.

Here are some examples of online posts that prove valuable for couples:

Love is the Stanley Cup

Sex Toys Done Right Are a Complement to Your Sex Life!

It’s Complicated

Love in a Digital World


Ask Toki is a free online relationship management platform that helps busy couples stay connected. The site is interactive allowing couples to participate in an abundance of DiscoveryGames, and the site provides couples with advice columns, blogs and stories on love, sex and relationships. will "tune up" any relationship so couples can "tune in" to each other's needs and get the spark back they need.

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