Latest Autism Breakthroughs and Solutions to be Unveiled at National Conference in Washington DC

Latest Autism Breakthroughs and Solutions to be Unveiled at National Conference in Washington DC

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Washington, DC -- May 7, 2012: Featuring some of the world's foremost autism experts speaking for two full days on topics covering the full range of everything that people must know about Autism Through the Lifespan.

What:  Autism Today Conference

Who:  Parents and family members of persons with autism, and their caregivers, physicians, educators, therapists, social workers, nurses, and other professionals who serve the autism community.  

When:      May 31 – June 1, 2012  

Where:      Montgomery College’s Cultural Arts Center on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus at 7995 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Local contact information:  Complete information for the conference can be found at or by calling 1-866-9AUTISM that’s 1-866-(928-8476)


The main focus of our conference is “Autism Through the Lifespan,” which is a very unique approach to autism that is critical today as the population of children and teens with autism age. Addressing the lifespan of autism spectrum disorders will be a key component to this year’s conference. Funding and support usually stop at the age of eighteen to twenty-two, but autism remains. This is a major challenge for parents and caregivers.

Highlights of the Activities;

The conference provides comprehensive, evidence-based strategies for effective interventions for all individuals with autism spectrum disorders, at all ages.  Speakers will focus on ways to improve the quality of life for the affected individuals and their families and caregivers by conducting presentations.

The program will be presented over a two day period bringing together some of the most innovative thinking and opinion leaders in the Nation on Autism services and supports to present on the latest models and best practices on autism through the lifespan.

This Event Will Cover the Most Important Issues for Autism:

  • Latest Intervention Techniques
  • New Methods for Early Identification
  • School Age Services
  • Transitions to Adulthood
  • Adult Services and Supports

Each section will have presentations by recognized national leaders on the subjects and attendees will learn the latest and upcoming best practices in service and supports. There will be timely updates from the National Institutes of Health, the United States Congress and the Administration on what they have been doing and have planned for increasing and improving services and supports for individuals with Autism and their families.

Galvanizing Key Speakers Include:

  • Robert Hendren, DO Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco


Topic:  Early Identification and Intervention in Autism

  • Dr. Carol Schall (Virginia Commonwealth University-Autism Center for Excellence-Head of Project Search for ASD)
  • Tonia Ferguson, MS the Director for the ARC and the Autism Now project

Ian Paregol, JD the Executive Director of CSAAC, Montgomery County Maryland


    Topic:  The Autism Now Project and Adult Services

  • Susan Daniels, PhD the Executive Secretary for the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (NIH)


Topic:  The Latest In research from The National Institute of Health

  • Ian Paregol, JD the Executive Director of CSAAC, Montgomery County Maryland


Topic:  Adult Services & Supports for Those on the Spectrum

  • Dr. Stephen Shore (adult with autism)


Topic: Cutting Edge Techniques in School Aged Services

  • Lee Grossman, Former President Autism Society of America


Topic:  The Future of Autism and What it Should Look Like

  • Congressman Chris Smith the Head of the Congressional Coalition for Autism Research and Education


    Topic:  Update From Congress, The Importance of Advocacy

  • Dr. Michael McManmon Degree: Ed.D, MS, (adult with autism) Founder, College Internship Program


Topic: I’m Ready for College But I Can’t Find My Backpack: Executive Functioning Strategies for Transition and Success in College

  • Paul Andrew (Managing Director, Employment & Community Serivces– CARF Intl)
  • Anita Miller Sostek, PhD, VP for the Science Department, Autism Speaks, will cover research they are funding, as well as early intervention and adolescence.  
  • Leslie Long, Director of Housing and Adult Services, Autism Speaks, will present about the initiatives for adults with autism and their work with AFAA.
  • Representative from Autism for Easter Seals
  • Karen Simmons, CEO & Founder of Autism Today, author of ten acclaimed books including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs and The Official Autism 101 Manual.


Other speakers to be added.

Why is this important?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced last month that one in every 88 children have autism, that’s one in 64 boys. Many children, like world renown Dr. Temple Grandin, now a successful adult and the many other contributors of Artism, may have unique gifts, enabling them to contribute significantly to society, if only someone is there to help them, with access to the right combination of expertise, dedication and love.

With the staggering increase in autism, parents of children with autism are encouraged to attend this conference which focuses on the entire lifespan to plan the family’s future and obtain information that will be helpful in finding the resources needed for, advocacy, education and achieving a better quality of life through the entire lifespan.

The Autism Today conference seeks to provide the most comprehensive perspective possible on how to help autistic children prepare for adulthood, and help adults reach their highest potential.


Contact: Jen at 1-866-9AUTISM that’s 1-866-(928-8476) or hit reply to this email.


Guest passes and interviews with the experts available upon request.  Unique photo opportunities.